Zine Circulation

“Got it thanks… such a fast response too.
Keep up the good work, we enjoy seeing THEZine” – J.T.

THEZine’s reach is as limitless as the www. 
THEZine readers are potential attendees at your events and customers for your businesses. They are internet users who will pass on what they find interesting to others. They could be contacts for your personal or professional interests or networking contacts for what you are offering or looking for.

10,000+ people will see your information!
Our 8000+ (approx) readers directly receive THEZine weekly, many of them have at least one person at home or work that they share info with. Zine clients and recipients are organizations, groups and centers, co-ops and offices who have many people within them who will see your info, so there is the trickle down effect of reaching thousands more people that way. All genres of media over Southern Ontario receive our media broadcasts. They are free to, and many do, repost info they find interesting or relevant to their sites or in their publications.Via their publications thousands more will see your info as well.

Our Facebook page also has a further reach than just those that have ‘liked’ the page.
Many people will see your info via our Facebook page that just drop in regularly and share as well

THEZine’s reach is much broader than just the people it is sent to directly.
The bulk of who receive THEZine are people in Hamilton and surrounding communities. Toronto and Niagara regions are a large portion of our readers. THEZine’s readers are from as far as Northern Ontario down to Upper state New York. We have readers in Hawaii, England, Europe and California. There are many Arts and Events and Business people all over that read THEZine for their own personal and business networking interests and reasons. People out of the area like to read THEZine, as it’s information is of interest to them when they are traveling in this region. Many readers pass THEZines info on to family, friends and colleagues.

WHO THEZine IS SENT TO (approx figures)
• 55 % Hamilton and surrounding area
• 20 % GTA and surrounding areas
• 15 % Niagara and surrounding areas
• 09 % North of Toronto and area
• 01 % upper state New York

We keep no list of detailed stats on our readers or clients for any purpose ever. THEZine is there for anyone to read at their leisure, anonymously. The only thing we need know about you to send out THEZine, is your e mail address. If you want specific detailed stats on Zine readers and clients, sorry they don’t exist.

People with an interest in events in their area they wish to attend or participate in. Businesses that want to grow and network their services with others. People looking for other people or gigs. Arts and area businesses and events staff. Art galleries, curators, studios, artists, organizations and councils, art related industry workers. Media from tv, radio and internet, film and video. Music organizations, distributors and producers. Musicians, music groups, music industry professionals of all descriptions. Venues and owners, theatre groups, actors, dancers, performance artists and poets. Organizations and clubs. Healers, holistic businesses, health and fitness professionals, classes and teachers. Writers, authors, publication houses, magazine and newspaper reporters. Independent business owners as well as larger companies. Educators and instructors,design and architecture workers and firms. Fashion and beauty industry professionals and many more.