Your Listing

“Great work, we needed something like THEZine, for quite a bit.
Thank you.” I.K.

E mail THEZine to let us know if you want to run an E-Blast.
An invoice with THEZine’s mailing address will be e mailed to you to direct payment to by cheque or you can arrange to drop off cash in person. Then just e mail THEZine your flyer and or text you want posted.

THEZine e flyers are individual mail outs, in poster format. They are sent out one time and are posted
on our Facebook page, and on our websites E Flyer page.
They give you more creativity and space to show off your information.

The earlier the better please! Please don’t leave it until the last minute to send your info to broadcast. It is to your benefit to get your info posted in advance to give your event time to circulate and be seen. Last minute or rush requests, may not be do-able or may result in things not getting done just right.  People who read THEZine often save things to read later or maybe don’t get to read it right away, they also need time to plan ahead, tell other people and make plans when they want to attend your event.

Here is an example quoted from one of our readers:
“Hi…Is there any way we could get more advance notice of these events.Our Social Club plans it’s calendar of activities 1 1/2 months in advance.
There are certainly some we would probably buy tickets for, if we had more notice.”

Name of business, organization or event / pertinent dates / opening hours / pricing details location address & city / e-mail and www contact info as well as name & phone number if wanted. You may send updates or changes to add anytime for the duration your advert runs. Images and photos can be used in e flyers ONLY.

Please keep your wording short and sweet. When readers want to know more, they will take the link you provide to your web site.  No registration forms, lengthy schedules, or maps added to your flyer please. You can post them on your website for readers to view there. We will not post content we find questionable or that is not suitable to THEZine’s formatting. THEZine makes it easy for readers to go to your web pages. Once they are there, you can show and tell them all you want.

You can feature your pamphlet, photos, logo, artwork etc.. Send them complete in design ready to post.
We do not usually do the graphic design or editing, 
please have that done before you send your flyer for posting.  If you need us to do the design and  layout work for your flyer we certainly can and
an extra charge will be added for the time and work.

THEZine is not responsible for the content of your listing. Please make sure your info is correct and proof read before you send it to mail out. We are not responsible for doing the double checking and proofing for you. THEZine is just the messenger. If we notice an error, of course we will correct it,
but we don’t always
so it is up to you to make sure it’s ready to go.