What is THEZine?

“I count on THEZine to keep me informed. It covers the kinds of events that interest me.
In my busy life I don’t have time to look at a number of different sources for that information.
It’s all there!” – B.M

THEZine is a business that promotes Arts & Events and Businesses on-line, combining E-mail and Social Media to reach a diverse audience. We were the first Arts and Events E-broadcasts in the region. After 16 years we continue to be  an integral part of the area Media.

Arts, Events, Businesses and Organizations throughout Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe
are utilizing this unique way to promote their information, to a broader spectrum of internet users.
(To see who has listed their news with us, go to our Zine Clients Page)
For our readers THEZine is a FREE and effortless way to find out about creative happenings
new ventures opening, that are too good to miss!

For our Clients THEZine’s E blasts are an effective and affordable promo option for your needs.
THEZine is an environmentally friendly (paper and ink free) 
way to distribute your information and reach thousands of people fast.

Our E Blasts will  be sent to our extensive media list covering the Golden Horseshoe.
This will increase the chances that your event is 
re-posted in thier publications, highlighted,
reviewed or written about.
You write it… we send it.

1. Your info is e-mailed to our readers by itself, so it views like a flyer or poster,
giving Your Event up front – command attention!
2. They will be sent directly to our extensive media list.
3. E-Flyers are posted on our Facebook Page and here on our Website for even more exposure.

These individual e-flyers are an effective way to let people know more about your
upcoming happenings. They offer creative lay out options and 
can include your photographic images,
artwork, logos, website and contact links.
THEZine E-Blasts will give your event or business excellent exposure at a fair price.
To view pricing go to our Pricing Page.

Zine e flyers are now ONLY accepted in JPEG or PDF formats.
For details and more info on what to/not to include in your listing visit Your Listings Page.